RT Wrap-Up

Y'all, I had such a great time at the RT Booklover's Convention! It's always so much fun, and it always goes way too fast. Seems like I just get there and it's time to go home. In spite of my best intentions, I don't take enough photos, I don't get enough sleep, and I don't talk to everyone I want to talk to.

Tuesday, after all my flights were on time, I get to KC where the lovely Janette Kenny picks me up. We went to lunch and shopping at DSW, then off to the hotel where we got an upgrade. So far, so good! That night, we joined the Aussies for dinner at a nearby restaurant and I came home with a package of dark chocolate Tim Tams. Mmmmm.

On Wednesday, the official fun began. For the next several days, I went to the most awesome workshops, attended fabulous parties, talked late into the night with old friends and made new friends too. The vibe at RT was so positive. I told Mr. Harris that I felt as if I'd attended a revival. Everyone was happy, positive, and thrilled with the changes in publishing. I'm so very excited for my indie debut coming up. HOT PURSUIT is almost ready to go. I'm finishing up the edits, and I hope to have it ready for you sometime in the beginning of June. If you want to be kept up to date about it, please kept checking back or sign up for my newsletter here.

And now it's time for some pictures!


My display at RT.


With Janette Kenny, Kira Sinclair, and Andrea Laurence at the Ellora's Cave disco party. No, I am not bigger than they are — I'm just closer to the camera!


The amazing menu at Lidia's, where we had dinner Friday night.


At dinner. Janette Kenny, me, Andrea Laurence, Kimberly Lang, Amber Doremus, and Kira Sinclair.


And here I am at the giant book fair. I can't wait for next year in New Orleans! Every year is bigger and better, and I look forward to seeing what they manage to pull off in the Crescent City. Hope to see you there!

RT Convention

Yep, it's that time, y'all! I'm off to the RT Convention in Kansas City this week. Hope to see some of my lovely readers there, as well as catch up with my author friends. If you're going to be there, look me up. I'll be at the Harlequin Series Soiree on Wednesday at 2:30, so stop by and say hi. I'll also be at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday, and the Fantastic Fan Day events that evening. Naturally, I'll be at the various parties and balls, so catch me there too.

Looking forward to a fun time, as always!

Want to meet me for a drink at the RT Book Lovers Convention?

This weekend, I met the fabulous Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches. She came to Birmingham chock full of the most fascinating information. I could spend hours drinking wine with her and talking about books and authors and romance and readers and all the wonderful things that are a part of our romance community. Alas, she wanted to go home instead of hang out with us forever. And we kinda had to let her or, you know, that wouldn't be a good thing.

But amongst all the fabulous ideas she gave me was this one. Sarah suggested I host an informal reader event at RT. And I thought, hey, that is a *great* idea! How cool to get together with my readers for a chat?

If you're going, maybe you'd like to join me for a drink in the bar? This idea is in the planning stages, but it could be lots of fun to meet those of you who are going to be there. I'll look into options — we might meet in the hotel bar, or we might find a bar close by — and we'll get together for an hour or so. I'll buy you a drink! I might even have a specialty drink for the party.

I'll announce it on my Facebook pages, this blog, and I'll send out a special newsletter message. If you haven't signed up for that yet, be sure to do so: you can do that on this page by scrolling to the bottom and filling in the box that says “Subscribe to Lynn's Newsletter.”

I really hope to see you there!

RT, Pics, and OMG it’s a deadline!

Last week, I was in Chicago for the RT Booklovers Convention. It was, as always, a blast! On Tuesday the 10th, however, I went up to Milwaukee for Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon. That's where the pic of these adorable book cover cupcakes is from! Isn't this a great idea? I loved it, and the luncheon (Barbara's First Annual) was awesome and quite well attended.

People actually paid to sit at my table! I was stunned. One of the lovely ladies who paid never made it, however, and I do hope everything is okay. We kept a lookout for you and never gave your seat away! So sorry you weren't able to make it. :/

The rest of the week passed in a blur of parties, events, and chatting with my writer friends late into the night in the Red Bar. Here's me with the fabulous and funny Megan Crane, aka Caitlin Crews.

As always, there's at least one picture of me with Kimberly Lang. Here we are at our goodie table for the fan day event.

No photo gallery would be complete without a picture of debut Desire author Andrea Laurence. Here she's holding up a copy of the excerpt book we put together. Doesn't she look excited?!

Now, it's time for me to write like the wind and finish this book I've got going. It's due very, very soon. I'm off to the Alabama Book Festival this weekend, and then in two weeks it's the Heart of Dixie Readers Luncheon and my first annual brainstorming/plotting retreat with the Dixie Plotters. The best part of that, besides the company, will be a certain friend's cooking. Southern yummy, y'all!

And now it's back to my delicious Russian billionaire baby daddy and the woman who done him wrong! 😉

RT Convention in Chicago!

I'm off to the RT Convention today! It's one week of non-stop fun and partying with readers, authors, and aspiring authors. This is my third RT, and I wouldn't miss it for anything. It's just such a fun time! There will be themed parties (but I'm a party-pooper and have no costumes) and dancing and lots of opportunities for fans to meet their favorite authors. I can't wait!

If you're coming to RT, be sure and look me up. I'll be rolling around a wheelie bag stuffed with books and goodies, and I'll be giving those books away. That's right, free books! I'll be giving them away until I run out, so come and see me and say hi if you want one. (I have to limit it to one per person so I'll have enough to last a couple of days!) I'll also have excerpt books to give away as well.

Don't be shy! Come and introduce yourself. And if you've never been to RT before, be sure to attend the RT Virgin workshop where you'll learn how to get the most out of the experience. I went my first year, and it was helpful! I still have the button they gave me. 🙂

Hope to see some of you there!

A new excerpt book coming soon!

It's that time, y'all! The RT convention is coming up, and my friends Kimberly Lang and Kira Sinclair are doing another excerpt book with me. But it gets even better, because we've now added a fourth author – friend and debut Desire author, Andrea Laurence!

We'll be giving away these gorgeous books for free! All you have to do is come talk to one of us. We'll even sign them for you! They are filled with yummy excerpts of our upcoming books. Not to mention that sexy cover — done by the glorious, fabulous, wondrous Frauke at CrocoDesigns.

You know you want one. Come talk to us at one of our **events. (I'm not sending these out by request until further notice. I just don't have enough copies to take to events and mail out too, but when I do, I'll announce it here.)

**The very first place you'll be able to get one of these lovely books is at Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon in Milwaukee on Tuesday, April 10th. The second place is at the RT Convention in Chicago from April 11-15th.