OMG, y'all! It's finally here! The story that nearly did me in is LIVE! I had a heck of a time writing BLACK VELVET. Maybe because Robbie is a romance author and I know that world intimately, or maybe it was just the time of year or Mercury was in retrograde or whatever. I dunno, but I'm SO HAPPY it's done and the reviews are AMAZING.

Thanks as always to my wonderful readers who love my books, show their support, and ask for more. I couldn't do this without you. Really. I write alone, but it's your encouragement that keeps me going. I write stories because I love stories, but sharing them with you is the best part. ❤️

Want to know what readers are saying about BLACK VELVET? Here you go!

“I’ve been a fan of this author’s HOT series books since 2013 for a good reason. Lynn Raye Harris consistently delivers characters with depth, bravery, loyalty, and heart, …” – NICUNurse

“When BDI is asked to provide private security for a romance author receiving threats, I knew I would be hooked, but this one had it all. Action, adventure, intrigue, revenge, and, oh yes, sexy as hell scenes that you can't stop reading.” – Carissa

“Holy wowzers! wonders!! Another amazing addition to the Black's Bandits series.” – Jenny

You can read an excerpt here:

Let me know what you think!!