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BLAZE, Book 1 in the Ghost Ops series, is available for pre-order everywhere! COMING JUNE 18TH, yay!

There are THREE covers for every book in this series. That’s right - THREE!

First there’s the hot guy ebook cover, and we’ll do paperbacks in my web store with him. Then there’s the absolutely amazing discreet cover! That will be paperbacks at the retailers, and on my store.
And then, if that’s not enough, there will be a HARDCOVER Collector’s Edition! So much goodness, y’all!!

BLAZE (Ghost Ops #1) - Available Formats

FOR NOW, ONLY THE HOT GUY EBOOK IS AVAILABLE TO PREORDER from Amazon, Apple Books, Barne & Noble, Kobo Books, and Google Play! Trust me, I’ll let you know the second the other editions are available!

There will also be audio books! They will come later in the year due to scheduling, but you will love the narrating duos picked out for every book!
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Thank you so much, dear readers!

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Blaze (Ghost Ops #1) - Cover Art


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Ghost Ops, Book 1

Dead to their pasts. Ghosts. No family ties. No connections.

Six men with a top-secret mission move to a small town where they have to navigate local life, protect their secret, and, above all, stay single.

Former Hostile Operations Team soldier Blaze “Shadow” Connolly knows what it’s like to lose everything. He’s got nobody except his job and his team and that’s the way he likes it.

But when he walks into a gas station during a robbery and locks eyes with Emma Grace Sutton, he knows he’ll do anything to protect the pretty girl with the blue glasses.

ER doctor Emma had a bright future until her ex-boyfriend became the kind of nightmare she was certain could never happen to her. With her self-esteem shattered and her confidence in ruins, she left a promising career and returned to her hometown to take over her dad's small family practice. It's not what she wants, but it's what she needs to rebuild her life.

Until she gets that prickly feeling she's being watched again. Did her ex follow her to Sutton's Creek or is she imagining things? Is she in danger or is it PTSD? She doesn't know, but she knows a man with the skills to find out. The ruggedly handsome sexy protector who saved her from a bullet once before.

Blaze isn’t supposed to get involved. Doing so could put the mission at risk. But how can he turn Emma away when the desperation in her eyes hints at even darker secrets? He can’t — and that might just be the final nail in his coffin.

A small town, nerdy girl, opposites attract, military protector romance from NYT bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris

Tropes: A small town, nerdy girl, opposites attract, military protector romance! We’ve got a bodyguard, a smart girl with glasses, a small town with quirky characters, high level intrigue, danger, an emotionally scarred hero, a return to hometown, secret mission, fish out of water, and lots of steam!

Do you like your men dangerous? Thrilling? HOT?
Then get ready for the Hostile Operations Team!

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Hot Pursuit
HOT is an elite military Black Ops unit, comprised of men who have undergone the most rigorous and grueling training in existence in order to become the best of the best. Their missions are secret, dangerous, and potentially politically explosive.

When called upon to risk their lives in order to rescue hostages, or to extract valuable information from deep behind enemy lines, they do it without question or hesitation. Their lives are on the line every moment of every mission—and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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