Girard Campaign Buttons!

Today's bonus content is two campaign buttons from Matt's father. In the book, Matt Girard's dad is a state senator – and probably has been for a long, long time. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have to run for re-election! Grab yours! You can save and print, or just store digitally. Enjoy!

Button 1

Button 2

Enter the Scavenger Hunt!

Starting today, you can enter your answers for the HOT PURSUIT 10th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt! Keep reading for more!

Scavenge hunt text with book cover

What is the scavenger hunt? It's an easy way to participate in the festivities! Simply read your copy of HOT PURSUIT (available everywhere for FREE), note the answers to the questions above (or here in a Word Doc), and then go to this Google form to enter your answers. Easy!

The scavenger hunt ends on July 23rd, so be sure to fill in your answers by then. We will have TWO prizes.

1. A set of signed books (all 12 books in Strike Team 1) for US entrants.
2. A $50 gift card for an international winner (must be able to take digital delivery of card).

Have fun! And don't forget to keep a lookout for the daily prizes starting on July 13th! Join my Facebook group, keep watching this blog, and don't miss a thing.

HOT Pursuit Scavenger Hunt

Scavenge hunt text with book cover

It's here! The HOT Pursuit 10th Anniversary scavenger hunt! This is seriously easy. You can grab the e-book for FREE at your favorite retailer. Then all you gotta do is answer the questions. Keep them in a note on your phone, or download this word doc and fill it in. In a few days, I'll give you the link to a form where you can submit your answers. This is open to everyone! We are giving away TWO prizes, one for US residents and one for international residents.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog via email so you get all the updates! We will be posting bonus content for HOT Pursuit starting on July 13th. Free, downloadable, fun things for you to enjoy! Go into the sidebar and enter your email address for updates (you are NOT subscribing to a newsletter; if you wish to, that box is beneath the subscribe to the blog box). Example below:

example of subscribe box

That's it! Hope you enjoy the fun, and I can't wait to start giving you the fun things we've cooked up for Matt & Evie's 10th anniversary! Lily wishes you a happy evening of books and napping.

cat on lap

Black Velvet is Live!!

OMG, y'all! It's finally here! The story that nearly did me in is LIVE! I had a heck of a time writing BLACK VELVET. Maybe because Robbie is a romance author and I know that world intimately, or maybe it was just the time of year or Mercury was in retrograde or whatever. I dunno, but I'm SO HAPPY it's done and the reviews are AMAZING.

Thanks as always to my wonderful readers who love my books, show their support, and ask for more. I couldn't do this without you. Really. I write alone, but it's your encouragement that keeps me going. I write stories because I love stories, but sharing them with you is the best part. ❤️

Want to know what readers are saying about BLACK VELVET? Here you go!

“I’ve been a fan of this author’s HOT series books since 2013 for a good reason. Lynn Raye Harris consistently delivers characters with depth, bravery, loyalty, and heart, …” – NICUNurse

“When BDI is asked to provide private security for a romance author receiving threats, I knew I would be hooked, but this one had it all. Action, adventure, intrigue, revenge, and, oh yes, sexy as hell scenes that you can't stop reading.” – Carissa

“Holy wowzers! wonders!! Another amazing addition to the Black's Bandits series.” – Jenny

You can read an excerpt here:

Let me know what you think!!