Enter the Scavenger Hunt!

Starting today, you can enter your answers for the HOT PURSUIT 10th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt! Keep reading for more!

Scavenge hunt text with book cover

What is the scavenger hunt? It's an easy way to participate in the festivities! Simply read your copy of HOT PURSUIT (available everywhere for FREE), note the answers to the questions above (or here in a Word Doc), and then go to this Google form to enter your answers. Easy!

The scavenger hunt ends on July 23rd, so be sure to fill in your answers by then. We will have TWO prizes.

1. A set of signed books (all 12 books in Strike Team 1) for US entrants.
2. A $50 gift card for an international winner (must be able to take digital delivery of card).

Have fun! And don't forget to keep a lookout for the daily prizes starting on July 13th! Join my Facebook group, keep watching this blog, and don't miss a thing.

Maddie’s Marine and American Idol

How on earth do those two things go together, you ask? Well, they don't really, but my weekend involved both! On Saturday, I went up to Franklin, TN, to a Meet & Greet with my Music City Romance Writers chapter. It was held at the main library in Franklin, which is a gorgeous town. We signed books and talked to readers for three hours. It was a lot of fun! We also gave away prizes, and one of the ladies who won a prize from me was the amazing Melinda Doolittle of American Idol fame.

In Season 6, the first season Mr. Harris and I ever watched it (after years of being overseas), we were awed by the talent of two particular women. LaKisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle. Week after week we tuned in and watched these ladies wow us with their voices. Simon never had a bad word to say about Melinda's performances, if that tells you anything. 😉

So, yeah, I had a fangirl moment when I realized that the lady who'd won my bag and books was Melinda. She came in third that year, and she's had an amazing career since. She is also sweet, polite, and very unassuming. I may have shocked her just a little bit with my fangirling, but I was truly excited. She graciously posed for pictures with me, and here's my favorite! Isn't she lovely?


The other thing I have to tell you about today is my adventures with Smashwords. Yes, I finally figured out how to format MADDIE'S MARINE properly, and I uploaded it to Smashwords. It's totally FREE, as always — and you can now download it on your preferred ereader! Simply click here to choose! It will eventually make its way out to all the e-tailer outlets for direct download, but right now you can get any format you wish from Smashwords. It's a very short story, but I still love it and I hope you will enjoy it. Here's the fab cover that my lovely web designer made. Doesn't it just make you want to go somewhere tropical with your own handsome hero?


Love in the Library

On Saturday, the local library hosted a romance author fair. I, along with several of my writing friends, hosted tables where we talked to readers and shared our books. It turns out that Mr. Harris is a budding photographer, so now I have my very own paparazzi at every event. Here are a few of the photos he took.

Lynn Raye Harris at HSV Library

At my table.

Talking to a reader

Talking to a friend who is also the mother of one of the other authors. 🙂


Photo op with readers!


Love those readers!


I have no idea what I was on about here. But this is the closest Mr. Harris came to getting a picture of my shoes. He seriously fell down on the job at that part. They were gorgeous! And very, very high. A double hidden platform with about six inch heels. I teetered around quite well though. 😉