Last week, I was in Chicago for the RT Booklovers Convention. It was, as always, a blast! On Tuesday the 10th, however, I went up to Milwaukee for Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon. That's where the pic of these adorable book cover cupcakes is from! Isn't this a great idea? I loved it, and the luncheon (Barbara's First Annual) was awesome and quite well attended.

People actually paid to sit at my table! I was stunned. One of the lovely ladies who paid never made it, however, and I do hope everything is okay. We kept a lookout for you and never gave your seat away! So sorry you weren't able to make it. :/

The rest of the week passed in a blur of parties, events, and chatting with my writer friends late into the night in the Red Bar. Here's me with the fabulous and funny Megan Crane, aka Caitlin Crews.

As always, there's at least one picture of me with Kimberly Lang. Here we are at our goodie table for the fan day event.

No photo gallery would be complete without a picture of debut Desire author Andrea Laurence. Here she's holding up a copy of the excerpt book we put together. Doesn't she look excited?!

Now, it's time for me to write like the wind and finish this book I've got going. It's due very, very soon. I'm off to the Alabama Book Festival this weekend, and then in two weeks it's the Heart of Dixie Readers Luncheon and my first annual brainstorming/plotting retreat with the Dixie Plotters. The best part of that, besides the company, will be a certain friend's cooking. Southern yummy, y'all!

And now it's back to my delicious Russian billionaire baby daddy and the woman who done him wrong! 😉