This weekend, I met the fabulous Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches. She came to Birmingham chock full of the most fascinating information. I could spend hours drinking wine with her and talking about books and authors and romance and readers and all the wonderful things that are a part of our romance community. Alas, she wanted to go home instead of hang out with us forever. And we kinda had to let her or, you know, that wouldn't be a good thing.

But amongst all the fabulous ideas she gave me was this one. Sarah suggested I host an informal reader event at RT. And I thought, hey, that is a *great* idea! How cool to get together with my readers for a chat?

If you're going, maybe you'd like to join me for a drink in the bar? This idea is in the planning stages, but it could be lots of fun to meet those of you who are going to be there. I'll look into options — we might meet in the hotel bar, or we might find a bar close by — and we'll get together for an hour or so. I'll buy you a drink! I might even have a specialty drink for the party.

I'll announce it on my Facebook pages, this blog, and I'll send out a special newsletter message. If you haven't signed up for that yet, be sure to do so: you can do that on this page by scrolling to the bottom and filling in the box that says “Subscribe to Lynn's Newsletter.”

I really hope to see you there!