Hey, y'all! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! I worked on my books this weekend, because I have no time to goof off and still get these stories out, but I also had a great day yesterday when the family went out to a nature trail and then to the botanical gardens. First up, Mr. Harris had been hearing about this covered bridge from a coworker, so he wanted to take pictures of it. Here's one he took of me, and I really like it! I wasn't dressed up or prepared, so I'm glad it turned out.

Lynn Raye Harris

But that's not what this post is about, right? This post is about hot military heroes and summer publishing plans! First up, if you haven't yet gotten my free read, MADDIE'S MARINE, you can get it at several different places.

First, there's Smashwords, where you can download it in any format you wish: http://bit.ly/12VEvQJ

Then there's Kobo, where it's totally free to download: http://bit.ly/14HXZu3

Amazon has it, but they haven't price matched it to free yet. They still want .99, so be aware of that. You might want to wait until they drop the price, unless you just can't wait: http://amzn.to/12CawNg

Apple will have it quite soon! I'm waiting for it to go live there. Barnes & Noble will also have it, and I'm waiting not-so-patiently for that to happen as well. You can also, and always, get the story right here on my website for free, though you can only read it online if you do.

Another thing you can now do is add HOT PURSUIT to your Goodreads TBR shelf! Go ahead and put it on your shelf so others can see it's coming! 🙂

Now, as for the plans. Plans are always subject to change, based on deadlines and all kinds of other things, but here's what the tentative plan is. On June 1st, you can get my digital exclusive short story from Harlequin (no military hero in this one). HIS ROYAL LOVE-CHILD is about a prince and a commoner and what happens when they are reunited after 10 years apart!

In July, HOT PURSUIT will be available for your downloading pleasure! I don't have an exact date, but we are aiming for July 15th. Then you can read all about Matt Girard, Evie Baker, and the Hostile Operations Team! I'm so excited about this book and I can't wait for you to be able to read it! I know MADDIE'S MARINE is short, and it has that teaser excerpt for HOT PURSUIT — but never fear that HP is short! It's nearly 100K, so you'll get plenty to read!

After HOT PURSUIT, I have a novella coming called HOT MESS. There's no information on this one yet, as I am writing it right now. But I can tell you a little about the hero. He's Sergeant Sam McKnight and he's one bad ass soldier. He's from Texas, he's big and hot and tattooed, and he's focusing all his attention on the absolute last woman he can ever have, much to his chagrin. She's the little sister of his best friend growing up, and she's off limits. But then he has to get her out of a spot of trouble, and she's very inconveniently refusing to let him treat her like she's his little sister too. Which just leads to trouble of all sorts. 😉

Want a taste? Here's an exclusive peek just for you:

“I’m sorry about Sergeant Hamilton, Georgie. But I won’t let anything happen to you. You can count on that.”

“I know it.” She reached out and ran her palm along his jaw. She’d been aching to touch him. His eyes darkened, became hot pools she wanted to drown in. “I trust you, Sam. Completely.”

He caught her hand and pulled it away from his skin. “You can trust me with your life, Georgie. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can trust me with anything else. I’m not that good, believe me.”

“Maybe I don’t want good,” she said on a soft breath. “Maybe I want you to be as bad as you can be.”

She didn’t think it possible, but his eyes grew even darker. His expression was taut. His voice, when he spoke, sounded choked off. “Don’t say shit like that to me. You know I’m not going there.”

Georgeanne pushed herself upright, skirting him as he continued to kneel where she’d just been. “You keep forgetting something, Sam. You keep forgetting that I don’t give a fuck what kind of twisted up logic you’ve got going on in your head about me. I’m not your sister, and I’m not thirteen anymore. And my brother has absolutely no say about what I do or whom I do it with.”

And there you have it! More HOT military heroes, a Harlequin Prince, and lots of plans in the works. This fall, I'll have two books from Harlequin (three, really, because you'll get a bonus book in December!), and hopefully another HOT book. So long as y'all keep reading, I'll keep writing!

Happy reading! 🙂