Welcome to my blog! I don't post often, but I'm trying to get better. 😊 I recently posted on Facebook about my love of thrifting and the treasures I found. Today, I've collected all those posts into one place for you!


Y'all, I have a love of thrifting. I think I got it from my granny, who never drove past a thrift shop or yard sale. Make no mistake, I was NOT thrilled with thrift shop clothes back then, which is one of the things Granny loved to buy. Wearing thrift shop clothes wasn't cool then. I don't know if it's cool now or not. But I digress.

My jam these days is decor. I love heading to the thrift shop and finding things for my house. Recently, when taking a small break from the book, I went into Goodwill and found these gorgeous silk hydrangeas in the ugliest vase with ugly glass marbles. It was $4.00, so I bought it anyway. Then I found a beautiful glass vase for $5.00 in another part of the store.

Voila, Goodwill hydrangeas for a fraction of the cost. I'm in love.

This is another recent thrift store find. The price on it is $3, but I paid less than that because it was $10 fill your buggy day. I had a few dishes and candlesticks, so it was definitely cheaper than three bucks. Anyway, it's the sweetest little pie dish! And there seems to be some sort of thing where these ladies passed it around. I don't know. I'm sorry to see it end up in the thrift shop, yet I plan to take good care of it. Not sure if I'll cook with it or use it for decor yet.

More thrifting finds. When I run across tarnished silverplate, I don’t blink twice. I can fix that. First pic is a water pitcher before I cleaned it. Next is cleaned. I really, really wish I’d taken a picture of the chafing dish before. It was black. Very black. I had to soak it in hot water with aluminum foil, baking soda, and salt. Then I still had to use silver cleaner. The last one is a platter with copper inlay. Also had to soak. Total price for all three? Eighteen bucks. Never be afraid to polish.

Thanks for dropping by to check out my thrifting finds! If you came from my VIP newsletter, welcome. And if you just happened upon this post through the mysteries of the Internet, then also welcome. I write books with danger and kissing, and you can find out all about them on this site. ❤️

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