Dear friends, it's been a very busy few weeks! Last week I was in Los Angeles for the RT Booklovers Convention — and what a fabulous time I had! Along with visiting Hollywood and the Walk of Fame, I went to the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, and Beverly Hills. No trip to LA would be complete without a shopping excursion to Rodeo Drive, however.

Here's a photo of me with Kimberly Lang and (standing) Kira Sinclair as we enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and some snacks at an outdoor cafe on Rodeo Drive. Yes, we are dressed for touring rather than glammed up, but the cafe staff didn't seem to mind.

I have lots more pictures, and will try and share those very soon. Of course I came back to a deadline, and there's still one suitcase I haven't unpacked….

I had some good news while in California! Cavelli's Lost Heir and The Prince's Royal Concubine are both finalists in the Short Series Contemporary Category of the WisRWA's Write Touch Readers' Award! I am *very* excited about this news! And of course I keep pinching myself and wondering if it's true. Then there's the part of me that keeps whispering in that insidious voice that no one else entered…..

Writers, we are insecure balls of mush!

In other good news, my UK release Strangers in the Desert is sitting at #2 on the Mills & Boon bestseller list this week! And Heartless Rebel, part of the Bad Blood Collection, is also available and getting some good reader feedback! If you've come to my site looking for information about Heartless Rebel, I don't have a page for the book yet. It's on my To Do list! This book will be my November Harlequin Presents release, so it's definitely on my list of things to get done soon!

In the meantime, I have a book due very soon and another one by mid-July, so I'd better stop chatting and get to work. Hope you are all having a lovely day wherever you may be! We finally have gorgeous weather in Alabama, and I am enjoying it through the window. 😉

Let me know what's up with you! I love hearing from you all…..

PS: The Devil's Heart is still available wherever books are sold! Harlequin made a poster of the cover for me for RT — I carried that thing back on two flights, and it made it home unscathed. I love it!