There's another new cover in the house! Woot, woot! This is for my May book in the UK, STRANGERS IN THE DESERT. I don't have a page here on the site yet, I don't even have a cover blurb — no idea what Mills & Boon have come up with to describe this story!

But the cover is *perfect*! The heroine has been living a Bohemian life at the beach, and she has wild blonde hair streaked with natural highlights. I think they got the hair on this model absolutely right.

And what can I say about the hero? Does he not just look delicious and sheiky?

I really, really love what Mills & Boon have done with the UK covers. I was hesitant at first, because I do kind of hate change and I liked the clinch just fine — but these, when they are right, are so VERY right. I'm a happy author right now. (Oh, except for those revisions I'm still working on…..) 😉