This has been one jam-packed weekend! There was much packing to do, much shopping to get done, and an unscheduled trip to the doctor. The hubby made me go see a doctor about this cold. Turns out I have a sinus infection, and I now have industrial strength drugs to see me through the week. Thank goodness the hubby cares, right? 🙂 Otherwise I'd have probably developed walking pneumonia or something during the next week, because I kept thinking it was just a cold that was going away soon.

This is my first RT Convention. I'm looking forward to meeting with readers and other authors, dressing in costumes, and getting to sign my books at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday. I hope I packed enough clothes. Hubby would say I over-packed, but you always need extra outfits, right? And shoes. I typically travel with at least 5 pairs. Not sure how many I packed, but it's hovering around 5. Might be a little more when I finish tomorrow. I love my shoes.

But it's not all play. I have a book due June 1st, and I will be taking my computer along so I can work on it. If you're going to be at RT, look me up! I'd love to meet you. 🙂