I'm feeling the pressure to have something interesting and fun on the blog! It's so pretty now, and there's that snippet which appears on the home page, set off in a lovely pale gold, that just begs you to read. But what if I don't write something interesting?

Alas, I can't be interesting all the time. (Or maybe not ever, depending on your outlook.) Instead, I'll tell you what I did yesterday. My writerly schedule, as it were. Let's do this list style, because it's easier. πŸ™‚

1. Made coffee.
2. Ate cereal.
3. Went to office with coffee.
4. Opened up Firefox.
5. Wasted entirely too much time doing online things.
6. Finally realized nothing was getting done in the WIP unless I left the house, and therefore my internet.
7. Starbucks. Ah, what is this orange mango smoothie thing they have now? Yum!
8. Write.
9. Curse.
10. Check email on iPhone.
11. Twitter.
12. Write some more.
13. Curse.
14. Peek at iPhone.
15. Curse.
16. Reluctantly cut some stuff from the WIP. Realize it's better without all that mess. Feel happier.
17. Write some more, think maybe I can do it after all.
18. Eventually, leave and pick up a sub for dinner. Stop at grocery store.
19. Eat dinner, send rotten chapters to lovely friend.
20. Work out.
21. Crash.

Yep, the glamorous day of a writer. What's on your schedule today?

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Tuesday's winner: Nicole S. Contact me with your address for your copy of Heaven, Texas!!

More giveaways next week! I hereby designate Monday and Tuesday as prize day. For now. πŸ™‚