Yes they are! I promised a funny (not literally) story about the roses in my header and at the bottom of the page. See, when I contacted Croco Designs last winter (December, I think) and asked if they could build a site for me, Frauke said sure and sent me a questionnaire. One of the questions was about color. I said I wanted red. And I wanted dark words on a light background.

She asked if I wanted her to use photos or a graphic design. I said I was fine with photos. See, I'd done my homework and clicked over to many, many of her sites. And I loved the moody sensuality in each of them. Many of them had photos of hunky men. And I kind of assumed I would get something with a glamorous couple — maybe a ritzy car, a city background, champagne, diamonds. I had no idea, really!

So when Frauke revealed the design to me recently, I was surprised to see roses. And very pleased — because I hadn't thought about that at all! But here's the funny thing — in my office I have a framed poster. This poster:


What a coincidence, huh? I figured it was meant to be. And she's ever so much smarter than I am, because the hunky men and gorgeous women are already on my book covers. They won't ever compete with people in my header.

What's your favorite flower? Favorite color? Did something ever work out in ways you didn't expect, but turned out to be perfect?

Winner from Monday: Colleen. Email me through my contact page with your address and I'll get the $5 Starbucks card and a book from my stash out to you ASAP!

Stay tuned for more prizes!!