Ahem, so here I was trying to figure out what to post about today. (WordPress is LOVELY! But I may have trouble with my domain for reasons that are techie while I am not. *sigh* So stay tuned. For now, I'm still here.)

But anyway, I got a Google notice that my name had been used. Hopefully not in vain, LOL. So I followed the link.

At a post titled “A Touch of Romance in Photojournalism” you can read technical terms like you've never read before (or at least I hadn't) and learn how the photographer took my pictures for the newspaper interview.

I have a new To Do list:

1. What the heck is he talking about? Must learn this stuff. What is a snoot? I thought I knew, but apparently not. Is an octobank a type of octopus?

2. Lose more weight. Oh dear Lord!

3. He says I'm not an old hag. Must keep up with not being an old hag, however I managed it. Definitely see a treadmill in my future!

4. Photoshop is my friend. When I get my publicity shots done, and I'd love to use this photographer because he's great and he obviously loves what he does, airbrushing will be required. Yikes.

Do you like getting your picture taken? Is Photoshop your friend? Do you, like me, want to be airbrushed?