Okay, Jason Castro did a fair job. And he picked a great song, especially Iz's version which lots of people are probably not familiar with.

But as a former Hawaii resident, I can assure you that JC doesn't do it justice. Bruddah Iz is the BOMB! No one can do it like he did. Forget the size, the fact he isn't pretty — the man had a voice like an angel.

No, Jason Castro doesn't compare. It was pretty, but it wasn't Iz. I knew when he started singing that the judges didn't know this version as well as they should. Knew they'd give him props for it. Oh well, listen to Iz. He was THE man. He did this on one take, btw. And he threw in Louis Armstrong. Beautiful. πŸ™‚

Aloha, Iz. You were something else, brah.