I dug into the photos to pull out this one of a (I think) torch ginger from Kauai. Love the vibrant colors of the flowers in Hawaii!

Anyway, it's Spring Break this week. Which means next to nothing for me. I don't have kiddies out of school. I'm not a coed anymore.

But, strangely, I have Spring-Break-itis of the mind. My head is not in the game this week. I've stared at my WIP(s), typed a few words here and there, but had no major break throughs. For one, I had a stupid moment where I misread the KOD Daphne requirements. I wanted to get two entries in, and I thought I had until March 15 to enter electronically. Nope, no electronic entry. You could pay with PayPal, which is what threw me, and then you had to send in your hard copy to reach the coordinators by March 15. I realized this on March 13. Not good.

Stupid brain. :/

Whenever it gets a little warm out right after cold winter days, my mind turns to spring cleaning. I get these urges to vacuum and wash things. House projects start to crowd my head. Landscaping here, curtains there, paint that room, reorganize that closet, etc. I recognize that these are creative endeavors of a sort, and that it takes energy away from writing, but sometimes you gotta let the mind wander.

So, this week, I'm wandering. I bought some house plants. Hubby and I did a couple of small projects in the house. We're talking landscape, looking at plans, thinking about what we want.

There's always more to do, and I can't spend all my time away from the computer. But this week, I'm letting myself relax. No WIP pressure, no sit-at-the-desk-all-day-or-be-a-failure recriminations. I'm having a Spring Break of the mind. Don't you agree it's a good idea from time to time? 🙂