There are times when I miss Hawaii. Like now, when it's overcast and drizzly again. Oh, it's not too bad here, really. It's supposed to be 73 today, and that's much better than a few other places I can think of. Not complaining about the temp. Not even really complaining about the drizzle. It's good writing weather.

But, dang, sometimes I want to see the ocean again. I want to sit on the beach with a book and dig my toes in the sand. I want to feel that hot Hawaiian sun beating down on my sunscreened skin. Did I really used to live there? Were those pictures just routine everyday things in Hawaii? Unfortunately, yes, they were. Not unfortunately when I was there, but unfortunately now when I'm not. *sigh*

So now I have to settle for looking at my pictures and remembering the sunshine, trade winds, and warmth. It was great while it lasted, though I'm not unhappy with my move to Alabama. No, Alabama has its pluses. One of which is a much lower cost of living. It's nice not to have to contemplate paying half your monthly income for a house.

Still, if I could just afford a condo there, and the time to go stay in it for a month or so at a time, that'd be awesome. πŸ™‚ Beach breaks are necessary from time to time.

When I lived in Hawaii, I loved seeing the beach and the ocean, but I didn't love hanging out there so much. Seems nutty, huh? But sand is annoying, and the sun is hot, and after a while you just want a cool drink and some AC. A couple of hours at the beach and I was done. Many of my Hawaii friends don't go to the beach much at all. If you aren't a water sport person, it gets old. If you like to surf or sail or windsurf or dive, it makes more sense to head for the water. Otherwise, it's just fun to enjoy it from the vantage of a beachside bar or restaurant. πŸ™‚

So what about you? Any favorite beach spots? Or do you prefer something else? Enjoy the virtual beach break!