I picked a picture of a grindstone for this post because that's what today is: back to the grindstone. After a weekend of fun and games, I must return my mind to a working state. I'm Sweating with Sven, after all. I don't even know my Th-Sun word totals, but they aren't much. I'd be surprised if I broke 600. (I'll figure it out later today.)

I took the laptop to TN, and I even used it a few times. I did spend about an hour and a half writing in the two days I was there. Not enough to brag about, really.

And I did solve, I think, a plot issue while lying facedown on the massage table and breathing in lavender while a tiny woman with really strong hands kneaded my back. πŸ™‚

The coup de grace of the entire retreat was the Murder Mystery Party on Saturday night. Everyone did a fabulous job, though the coordinator did the best job of all in arranging everything. The costumes were elaborate, the hijinks hilarious, and the mystery was good. I have pictures that I'll upload eventually. πŸ™‚

My mind is rested, but also weird. I dreamed last night that my husband decided to write a horror story, had 50 pages done, and somehow got a passel of agents interested (because I was trying to get them interested in me and one saw his stuff instead, LOL).

After a major bidding war, my husband (the non-writer), got offered a $5.6 million advance on the strength of 50 pages. Everyone asked me if I was jealous, but I said hell no I wasn't jealous, just envious, and besides, I'd get the benefits of the money anyway. (I ain't stupid.) πŸ˜‰

When I told the hubby my dream this morning, he started plotting. I told him that all I knew about his story was that it had a werewolf in it. He thought that wasn't very interesting and had been done before. I told him it's the twist you put on a story that makes it unique.

Hubby, being a smarty pants, has decided to pen GayoWolf, about a decorator who goes to Sweden for furniture and gets attacked by a werewolf. The man ain't right. I'm afraid my dream was just a dream after all. No multi-million dollar advance in the Harris future, it seems. πŸ™

Has your mind ever come up with weird dreams after a period of relaxation? I don't know where that came from, believe me. Partly, I'm sure it's a fear that I'm not a good writer and that I won't succeed. Partly, my mind was keeping the success close to home in giving it to my husband. And the werewolf had to be a manifestation of my frustration with the paranormal market (and the approach of Halloween).

But most importantly, do you think GayoWolf has a chance? πŸ˜‰

Edited: picture deleted