Everyone has muscles. Some people have fabulous, well-defined muscles. Others seem to be hiding theirs under layers of bulk. Me, I'm in the bulk stage. And I don't just mean weight. Writing uses muscle, and muscle must be fed. It must be exercised regularly, or it gets soft. It needs to be shaped and honed and flexed to stay at its optimum efficiency.

I haven't been exercising the muscles, physical or mental. I've spent the last few months worrying and planning and preparing for a new house and a different life (different from the military one I was used to). I haven't been writing, running, or reading.

But the beauty of muscle is that it only needs to be worked regularly, even after an absence, to get strong and efficient again. It doesn't matter how many layers of bulk have accumulated. Stimulate the muscles, feed them properly, and watch them reshape and grow beautiful once more.

Yeah, it's work, but so what. The results are worth the effort. So today I'm giving notice to my flabby muscles: play time is over. We're getting back in the game, baby. 🙂