Flights of angels are singing my sweet Thumper to his rest right now. This is the last picture we took of him. It's only a couple of weeks old. Here, he's lying in his favorite chair at my parents' house. Nimitz (grey tiger) is lying with him.
Thumper got sick very suddenly. The vet diagnosed acute kidney failure, the same thing that ended up killing my Miss Kitty two years ago today. It's so hard to say goodbye. I miss my good old boy. He was the best, sweetest, steadiest cat ever created.

Here's Thumper in 2004, shortly after we moved to Hawaii. I'm sad, but thankful his end was easier than Miss Kitty's. He had a good life and passed quickly at age 16 1/2.

So we begin the New Year with our Nimitz, thankful for his cute self. We're sad our Thumper is gone, but we're also certain we'll invite another pet into our lives this year.
Hope your New Year is a happy one. I'll be back with resolutions soon. What are yours?