There's a new blog in town called Critique Partner Exchange. Michelle over at Magical Musings started the blog after realizing that a lot of people seem to be searching for a partner or group and just can't find what they're looking for.

A few people have posted their desires, moi included. I have been in two live groups, but neither worked for me in the exact way I wished. I think it helps if you write in the same genre, even if it's not the same sub-genre. For instance, if you're all writing romance, then it might not matter if one is writing historicals, another suspense, and another paranormal. But mixing a category romance writer with a lit fic writer or a straight sci/fi writer is bound to create problems. In my experience anyway. 🙂

In my early days of writing, I had a great online group where everyone wrote romance. That group has since scattered to the four corners. Some stopped writing altogether, others switched genres. At least one person, bless her, made the USA Today list and seemed to have a promising career, but has since stopped writing due to health problems. 🙁 I miss her voice.

So, yeah, I'm looking for a new group or partner. Hopefully I'll find something soon. If you have a critique partner or group, how did you get together? I could use some suggestions in case I don't find anyone over at the new blog…….

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