Are you sick of my thesis yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

But, hey, it's writing, so I have to talk about it. Today, in spite of distractions, I did a quick read through, added a little clarifying info to my conclusion (which took it to 64 pages), and sent it to my mentor. He's so quick with turnaround, and I really appreciate that. One of my committee members doesn't even have an email address (this would be the philosopher guy that worries me), so we'll see what happens when this moves into committee. I don't have time to dilly dally with changes; the final version has to be to the Graduate Studies office by Oct 10th. Sounds like a lot of time, really, but when you have to have three separate people, with busy teaching schedules, read your stuff and get it back to you for any changes which you will then have to send back to them again, the time can disappear into nothing.

Talked to my parents this morning. They were happy to hear I'd finished the thesis. What do you think they asked me? “So, you going to get a Ph.D.?” Someone else asked me that question this weekend too. Man, I haven't even recovered from this yet!

It was always a goal of mine, but I don't know that it means as much to me now as it used to. Really, it'd be great to settle down to writing my fiction and see where that takes me.