The thesis is cracking along. I'm at 87% now. That's the good news. The bad news is that I'm pretty sure I'm going to go over my original estimate of 15,000 words. So I'm not really 87% there. More like 75 – 80%, I think. I am SO ready for this to be done. I can't even think of the possibility of revisions, though I know my committee won't just take the thing the way it is and say, “Bravo!” I can dream, though.

The RWA conference kicks off in Atlanta this week. I so wish I could be there, but maybe next year. I'm sure the blogs will be hopping with reports, so I'm not too worried about posting good stuff this week. Check out Alison Kent, for sure, because even though she isn't going to the conference she'll know where all the good posts are.