I did not set out today to change the look of this blog! One minute I was reading comments and the next the background was gone. I kid you not! I wasn't even signed in, just hit the refresh button, and my template was gone. Lots of white space, no colors or columns or anything. All my material was still there, but the background was MIA.

That, of course, would not do. I checked out other people on Blogger and saw that no one else seemed to be having a problem. I waited several hours, refreshing periodically, and still no template. I checked the HTML — it was still there and should have worked.

Finally, I gave up and went in search of a new template. So, voila! I unveil for you the new Romancing Paradise, soon to be renamed Romancing the South or something like that. πŸ™‚

And if any of you have a clue what the hell Blogger did when it decided not to display my template anymore, I'd love to know. For once, I'm stymied. It can't be my fault because I wasn't signed in and fiddling!

Hope you like the new look.