I'm coming out of thesis overdrive to sample the blogs (because let's face it, a non-stop diet of Virginia Woolf, no matter how amazing her work, can get depressing without something else to think about periodically). I surfed over to Allison Brennan's site and found this link to an article by Sarah Weinman about blogging. Great article! Check out her 8 tips to a successful blog.

I used to try to post every day, but I just can't manage it lately. Maybe I need to plan better, definitely post on certain days of the week. I like to take weekends off because I'm spending it with the hubby and I can never predict what we're going to be doing.

One of the things Sarah talks about are long-term goals. I don't think I have any. I started blogging as a way to reconnect with other writers and with the writing community. Several years ago, one of the best writers' communities anywhere was a bulletin board. It was on the GEnie network and was a meeting point for romance writers everywhere. The sense of community was amazing, and when it went the way of the dinosaur (individual web presences becoming de rigeur) I missed it very much. Starting a blog, and reading blogs by other writers, gives me that same sense of community I had on the RomEx. (And I get to connect regularly with at least one other writer who was a part of my intimate circle on RomEx, the fabulous Terry K. who blogs at I See Invisible People.)

Beyond that, I had no long term goal. I suppose I wanted a web presence because I was also looking ahead and thinking that when I sold my first novel I didn't want to have to learn how to do all this. I wanted it ready to go, the learning curve long since mastered.

I know I've asked before why you blog, but how about if I ask what your long-term goals are, if any, with the blog?