Okay, so leaving Hawaii and moving to Alabama seems a tad nutty, right? But look at this gorgeous house. This is my parents' house. It's on the National Historic Register. The price they paid for this house a year ago wouldn't even buy you a closet in Hawaii.

Half a million bucks will buy you around 1200 – 1400 sq feet about 15 miles from downtown Honolulu. If you want to live in town, forget it. Half a mil might get you 1000 sq ft in a condo, if you're lucky. If you don't mind the uncertainty of a leasehold property, you can pay half a mil for a really nice condo on the beach. The trick, of course, is that you don't really own it because someone owns the land beneath you. Once the lease expires, they get whatever is sitting on their property — i.e. your house or condo.

At least one non-nutty reason to leave Hawaii. But damn I'm gonna miss this weather!