Continuing the theme from yesterday, here's a list from NPR on great summer reads. Also, the gals at LC have another list here.

USA Today's list is pretty interesting, too. The Washington Post has a best of list for kids, which is pretty cool don't you think? Heck, some of these books sound good to me.

Summer reading group ideas and guides can be found here.

Ms. Magazine gets into the act too. How about Steamy Summer Reads from

Hot summer reads in Audiobooks can be found here.

UC Berkeley's faculty and students have their own recommendations to make (from last year, but the books are old anyway).

It's apparent there's no shortage of recommendations out there. Do you pick up books from lists, or do you decide based on cover copy or store positioning? Or a combination of factors? Last year, I picked up Julie Kenner's Carpe Demon based on a) the cover, b) its position on a table at the front of the store, c) the kickass blurb, and d) vaguely remembered hearing about it elsewhere. (It was a great read, btw.)