So what do you do when you have the writerly blues? I just can't seem to get back to work lately. We've had company, which has been a blast, and summer's coming (not that that makes a big difference in Hawaii, but it's a mental thing). I had a new idea last week and wrote several pages, but I'm still stumped on SEDUCING EVANGELINE.

In other news, saw MI 3 and THE DA VINCI CODE. MI 3 was okay. I' m not a big fan, but it wasn't too bad. DVC was pretty good, I thought, but I didn't have the book interfering with my viewing pleasure. I have no idea if the movie takes liberties or not, but I liked it.

What about you? Any big Memorial Day weekend plans? Summer fun getting in the way of the writing? Is it permissible to take time off, or should you spend every free moment you can manage to grab working on something?