It's inevitable that, with the announcements on the street about erotica and paranormals being hot property, writers begin to think, “Shucks, I think I could write one of them there steamy vampire/werewolf/shapeshifter books.”

Don't. Oh please don't.

Not unless you love reading those books and want to write your own tale about the same things.

Believe me, more than once I've plumbed the depths of my brain and wondered if I had an erotic vampire book in there somewhere. Because those things are H-O-T. Nothing bubbles up from the cauldron, though, so I guess I'm still stuck with military romantic suspense.

Imagine my relief, however, to read this by Sarah Strohmeyer over at The Lipstick Chronicles:

Instead, I think what I'll do is learn from my mistakes. If there's any mistake I've made in this business, it has been to – at times, not always – concentrate too much on what sells versus what I love to write. Because in the end, the latter is all that matters. And though the industry will always, always push you to write yesterday's hit, don't let them. Stick to your guns. It could be tomorrow's phenomenal bestseller.

I often feel the temptation, though. I suppose it's inevitable that I'll keep casting the bait and looking for that hot vampire and his sex slave. I'll find them just about the time the market swings toward sweet close-the-door romances. It's just the way my luck runs……

What about you? Writing to trends, or just plugging away at what you love to write and read? Where do you think the market will go next?

[Bear in mind that I've never picked the winning horse or the winning LOTTO numbers, that my stock portfolio is solid but not astronomical, and that I sold my house in the months BEFORE the market took off and moved overseas where I missed out on several years worth of real estate appreciation. OTOH, I do believe the housing market is in a nosedive and this time I'm waiting it out. Time will tell if I've missed the boat again or if I'm hot on the tail of a new trend. Which is really kind of the way writing works too, I think.] ๐Ÿ™‚