This is a writing blog, for the most part, but damn it, it's also an “Ohmigod, NOOOO!” blog from time to time.

I graduated high school in the 80s. I had the big hair. I wore the skin-tight jeans that prevented me from bending over or taking deep breaths. I adored the skinny ties and thought break dancing was cool. Quaint little bumpkin, wasn't I?

Fast forward a few (ahem) years. No friggin' way do I, as a 30-something woman, want to ever wear skin-tight jeans again! Imagine my fear when the NYT runs this article this morning, A New Size for Denim: Extra Tight:

The market for denim styles with escalating prices has become so sophisticated that some companies claim to be able to predict where the skinny trend will lead. “Somewhere between October and next February, it will hit all parts of the country,” said Jeff Rudes, the president of J Brand, which expects to ship more than 140,000 pairs of skinny women's jeans this year, with leg openings as narrow as 10 inches around. “This cycle is then good for 18 months to two years. It can't get any narrower than this without stopping blood flow.”

I am not happy about this. ๐Ÿ™ It took me a while to warm up to pointy-toed Italian shoes, but I did. Am I doomed to wake up one day and think this is cool too? Sheesh, I hope not. I'm betting that my lack of a size 2 silhouette may prevent it anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚