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I love romantic action/adventure novels, especially when there's a hot military guy involved. Alison Kent's Deep Breath is right up my alley. Harry van Zandt is an ex-military commando, and he's incredibly hot. When Georgia McLain first sees Harry, her thoughts are delicious:

Georgia looked down from her window at the boat-sized convertible, noticing little about the car because her attention was all for the driver sitting back and soaking up the sun. His hair was dark and cut short in a near military buzz. He had just enough of a shadow on his face to bring to mind a bad boy or two she'd known.

Mmm-hmm, I can picture it. Somebody get me a cool drink. 🙂

Georgia needs a certain document to learn the truth about her late father's involvement in a defense procurement scandal that sent him to prison for life. Harry wants the same document for his employer, the Smithson Group, and he's not above a little mattress mambo to get it. Naturally, complications ensue: someone else wants the document too, and Georgia's brother will pay with his life if she doesn't retrieve it and turn it over to the man holding him hostage. Harry plans to help Georgia get the document, but no way is he allowing her to turn it over as ransom.

What Harry and Georgia don't anticipate, however, is blazing hot sexual attraction that turns into something more. How can they each attain their goals without hurting the other? Can they possibly have a future together, especially when Harry's aim is to take away the one thing Georgia has been searching for most of her adult life? Will Harry's secret mission cost Finn McLain his life?

Alison Kent writes hot sex and action adventure in such a way that makes the story sizzle and hum. Georgia is no swooning heroine, and Harry is alpha without being a jerk. If you want a fast-paced story that singes the page and engages your emotions, look no further.

This was my first Kensington Brava and my first Alison Kent novel. I've since sought out Ms. Kent's Harlequin Blaze novels, and I've been pleased to see she keeps the adventure and heat turned up to high. If you like dangerous men and adventurous women, look no further. Buy Deep Breath today and enjoy the ride.

I sure did. 🙂