My big news isn't all that big, but it's big enough to me. 🙂 SEDUCING EVANGELINE got second place in the Great Expectations contest! And the editor asked to see the manuscript if I made a couple of revisions. Yay!

I haven't seen the score sheet with her comments yet, but the coordinator basically told me that she wanted me to tone down the vernacular (military-ese, I'm guessing), adjust the relationship, and that she loved the idea and felt the plot and conflicts were strong enough. I am happy dancing because this is a personal step forward for me. I don't know how to explain it, other than to say that getting an editor to say the plot is strong without seeing more than 25 pages and a query is good because it means I didn't infodump those pages and I gave her enough to make her want to go forward.

And I do know that this could only be the beginning of bigger disappointment, i.e. she gets the full and doesn't like it, but that's okay. That's how we grow and move forward in this business. 🙂

My other news is that STRONG CURRENTS 2 is available! We have the book in our hands just in time for the Hawaii Book and Music Festival April 22-23. The chapter publishes the book, which is an anthology of short stories, and donates a portion of the proceeds to Hawaii Literacy, Inc. The first anthology was very popular here in the islands. We're hoping the second will be as well. 🙂