Last week was a busy week for me. This week promises more of the same. I've agreed to go to a Job Fair with my husband, a resume writing class, and a local employment class. Not because I'm looking for a job, mind you, but because having the two of us informed about this process is better than one. 🙂

And I have learned a few things that I think are valuable as a writer. I have not yet had the pleasure/terror of doing an agent/editor face-to-face pitch, but learning about interview techniques and job hunting techniques this past week really taught me how similar the two things are. When you pitch a project, you're interviewing for a job. You might not get the job. There may be better qualified applicants, or applicants who have the precise skill (or storyline) they're looking for at this moment. Doesn't mean you won't get a job, or won't work for this particular company (publisher) later. Just means you don't have what they need right now.

I know it's hard to look at it like a job interview. Your book is your heart and soul. You feel like it's you on the line and not your work. But it really is the work. If an employer told us we didn't qualify for the job because they wanted someone with Microsoft Publisher experience, we'd probably go out and learn Publisher for the next time. But if they tell us they don't want psychic vampire weasels, we get upset and blame them for having no taste, for being stupid, for disliking our voice.

But that's not always the case. Sometimes it really is that they don't need another employee with those skills, or they need an employee with different skills. So don't beat yourself up, don't blame others, and for pete's sake don't stop sending out your resume. 🙂

[PS Check out Jennifer Archer's blog for a picture of me, Aloha Chapter Publications Officer Michael Little, and Jennifer at her recent booksigning here on Oahu. Jen found out the day before that one of her books was nominated for a RITA. Congratulations, Jennifer!]

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