My husband is retiring from the military soon, and while that sounds like he's ancient or something, he's not. Twenty years goes fast, believe me, especially when you signed up at 18. So, we're off to the military's set of briefings for the retiring and/or separating military member. The AF is enlightened enough to let spouses attend (stops all that “So what did they tell you, honey?” for the poor military person). I've sat through VA briefings, medical briefings, state briefings, and educational briefings today. Tomorrow, I get to sit through resume writing. That should be a kick for me, considering I haven't worked in a while.

Not that any of this relates to writing. Except for one thing: I do not like getting up early, showering, putting on clothes, fixing my hair, and going out into the world. I prefer getting up early, getting my coffee, and plopping in front of the computer. So I better get damn busy selling some books, because I sure as hell don't relish the alternative.

Hawaii weather report: rain, rain, and more rain. Gloomy, gray, icky. Stay home. Don't come visit us for another month.