A writing friend (and fellow Aloha Chapter member) recently sent me an email that said, paraphrasing: I've been reading Miss Snark for the past hour and I'm hooked. Other than the brief visit I made to your blog recently, this is my first experience. I don't understand why people write blogs. Why do you do it?

You know what, I don't know precisely. I started this blog in June 2005. I forget why, I forget how I decided to do it, I forget which blogs I read before I did it. Partially, I thought of it like an online journal, just a place to type up my random thoughts (beats my handwriting any day). And, wow, other people might read my random thoughts and say things and we might have discussions! Who wouldn't like that?


Okay, when I got over that idea, I just sort of found a groove and started having fun. I enjoy the interaction, not just the comments on my blog, but the blog surfing I do and the discussions taking place throughout the writing/publishing blogosphere. It's like being able to pal around with other writers, hang out with editors, ask agents questions, eavesdrop on cool conversations, etc. Oh, I admit it's tough to think of things to talk about sometimes, but then other times I get a gift–like the conversation with my friend in Mexico. Blogging about that was good therapy because writers understand. Not to mention it's just funny to think someone can be so obtuse about publishing. πŸ™‚

To me, blogging is community. I enjoy being a part of it. The idea that even one person reads my post gives me a thrill.

So why do you do it? What makes you type up that post every day (or week)?