Nalini Singh is tagging people to interview their houses. Sounds like fun!

Me: Hi, house, how are you?
H: Wet. You see that rain out there?

Me: Yep, hard to believe we're in Hawaii, huh?
H: Nah, I been here a while. It can rain for weeks.

Me: Now you tell me. The guidebook said no more than three days in a row.
H: It lied.

Me: That sucks.
H: If tourism is your biggest industry, would you tell people the truth?

Me: I like to think so.
H: Hey, it's still Hawaii. Just because we're wet doesn't mean we aren't warmer than most of the mainland U.S. right now. You've got the air conditioning on, don't you?

Me: That's because if I open the windows, the mosquitoes will come in. You know how I swell when I get stung.
H: Mosquitoes are part of the bargain. When it's wet, they take over.

Me: I think I saw the neighbor's car float away.
H: Mosquitoes or flash flood?

Me: Not sure. Could be both.
H: Hey, I thought this was about me.

Me: Anything you want to say?
H: Yeah, could you stop staring at your computer all day and vacuum my carpet? How about a little dusting too? Mmmmphh, mmmphhh–

Me: Thank you, that concludes our interview!