I'm off to the Aloha Chapter meeting today! We meet from 10-12 on the first Saturday of the month at the Aina Haina Library. Today, chapter member, author, and librarian Dee Buckingham (if that wasn't enough stuff, she's a sweetie to boot!) is giving a talk about research. How to do it, how not to do it, where to find it, etc. I'm looking forward to this because when I asked Dee a question once, she sent me about twenty links. 🙂 Sounds as easy as Google, right? Nope, it was more complicated and involved library databases.

Anyway, here's a recent pic of Dee signing her new release, POISONED PALMS, a mystery about the murder of Mrs. Jane Lathrop Stanford. Naturally, Dee based this story on an interesting bit of research that just wouldn't leave her alone.

Posted by Picasa L to R: Bonnie Kuchler, Dee Buckingham, Alison Anteau (Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager), and Lynn Raye Harris

Posted by Picasa Dee busily signing….

Posted by Picasa POISONED PALMS is published by Island Heritage Press.