Not me, my dears! Just got the preliminary report from my thesis chair on the first two chapters: “Well done […] I am anxious to see what you do with the remainder of your thesis.”


Okay, so it's not fiction writing, but hey, I've procrastinated the everlovin' heck out of this thing, so I'm tickled. I'm also ticked. What took me so long? I am so good at putting stuff off. Three more novels to analyze and one conclusion to write and man, I hope I'm finally done.

On the fiction front, do you know what the seven habits of highly effective authors are?

1. Write on a schedule.
2. Don't quit.
3. Feedback is a gift.
4. Know your audience, know thyself.
5. Have a plan.
6. Separate your work from your life.
7. When the bus stops, get on.

These seven habits come from a very thought-provoking article found on the Irene Goodman Literary Agency website. Check it out. Any others you'd add?