After my faboo week, first meeting Lee Goldberg and then having coffee with JAK, I've nothing exciting planned this week. But, today is Valentine's Day, a day that is at least symbolically important to romance writers everywhere. 🙂

What, then, is the quintessential romance novel to you? I have many favorites, but I'm going to have to go with Pride and Prejudice. In fact, my reading group just read and discussed this novel. I've never been a member of a reading group before, but I thought it would be fun, and since we are all actually writers first, it brings a different perspective to the work than we might otherwise find in a readers' group.

What is it about Elizabeth and Darcy that gets the heart sighing? I think it's because he is such an Alpha male, and she is so intelligent and lively. That's just my take. I love the A&E version of P&P with Colin Firth. I love that broody, angsty quality he brings to Darcy. When I reread the novel recently, I couldn't help but picture those characters in the roles. I didn't much care for the recent movie version, though it had its moments. The highly inaccurate outdoor proposal in the rain was so charged with sexual tension that I didn't care the writers had moved the venue. It worked.

What other novels do you think are wildly romantic? Which novel is your all-time favorite romance?

[Oh yes, if you check out JAK's link now, you'll see she's added the picture of the Aloha Chapter writers that I included below. Thanks, Jayne!]