I'd rather be the windshield, but today has been a bug day. And it started out so good too! I was at my computer at 6:30AM, coffee in hand, ready to check out the news and some blogs, tidy up my inbox and answer some email, and then I was going to dive into my WIP.

It's nearly 5PM and I haven't even looked at the WIP. What the hell happened?

Other things, that's what. First, I got sucked into the comments trail on a couple of blogs. I really should know better, but hey, sometimes you just feel like you have to say something. Then there was a question of grammar in the newsletter I edit, which entailed an email conversation discussing the finer points of forms of address.

Oh, and let's not forget the rude moron with a complaint about the newsletter. Nothing to do with me or the content, but irritating enough to tick me off for a couple of hours.

Then there were the emails I had to answer, the ones I should have written and didn't, and my column for the Aloha Chapter's Words of Paradise. The column is due in a few hours. I finished, but it took longer than I thought because of the aforementioned distractions.

Best part of the day so far: when Mike walked in the door and hugged me. Think I'll go read a book for a while. Maybe I'll have a few minutes to get to the WIP later, but right now I'm just not in the right frame of mind.