Okay, maybe starred is the wrong word. In truth, the man has a walk-on as a medic. He is at the set right this instant, hobnobbing with television stars and learning why they are lost in the first place while I sit here with my morning coffee and do the usual. Blogging seems so, well, boring compared to the excitement going on over in the vicinity of Diamondhead.

It began like this: someone he works with has a daughter. At the daughter's school one day, a few months ago, was an announcement about a casting call for LOST. They needed Nigerian soldiers. So the guy went. He got the part. They kept him on file.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. He tells my husband, “Hey, they need some white dudes in uniform.” So Mike and two coworkers head to the casting office during lunch one day. Apparently, they look the part, so the casting agent gives them a green light.

They get a call to come in on Wednesday for a fitting. Originally, Mike was going to kick down a door. It got changed to medic. Though these guys have their own uniforms, they cannot wear them on the show (official rank and command patches). This is a gov't rule, not a television rule. In uniform, they represent the US Govt. The US Govt does not endorse products or tv shows. Not officially, anyway. 🙂

So, yesterday at lunch, Mike and his coworkers toodle off to the costume shop. They fill out forms that have their names, height, weight, shoe size, shirt size, pants size, etc. Then they are led through a maze of clothing. Mike said it was colorful, but messy. Washers and dryers along a corridor, racks and racks of clothes, and even the obligatory little lady with a tape measure around her neck.

My very WASP husband gets a uniform with the name Mendoza on it. His other coworker, equally as non-hispanic, gets a hispanic name too. The third coworker, the guy they are going to carry, actually got a uniform with his real name on it. (Our name is Harris; you'd think that would be common enough. But no. His coworker's name is Landry–and they had a uniform in his size with his name. Too funny.)

They tried on the togs, everything was fine. Except Mike had to take his own combat boots today. Apparently, the ones in his size are being used already. And did I mention they got paid to try on clothes? The going rate is $124. How come no one ever pays me to try on clothes, huh?

I think the whole thing took less than an hour. They received a map to the set, were told to call between 8 and 9 last night to make sure they're on for today, and that's it (they were also told not to shave–they need to look scruffy). He called last night and was told to be there at 9AM. I've been having lots of fun teasing him about being a star. He told me not to talk to him, his people would get back to me. Ha!

There's no guarantee that the scene he's in will make it into the show, but if it does, he'll be told which night it will air. (Is this the point where I confess I've never seen the show?)

Check in tomorrow for a behind-the-scenes report!