No, I'm not going anywhere! But, it was one year ago today, on New Year's Eve, that my wonderful, sweet Miss Kitty breathed her last. I loved that cat so much, and I can still get choked up over her demise. Just ask Mike. 🙂 Like Dave Letterman once said, “I'll sob like a drunk at a wedding.” Yep, no problem, I can do it. Just let me think about those last few moments in excruciating detail…..

No, I'm not recounting it, except to say that making the decision to end another living creature's life, and then being there while it's done, is not something I think I can ever do again. That was, so far, the WORST day of my life. And I am fully aware that if I can say that putting a beloved pet to sleep was the worst day I've had, I'm still a lucky person. No doubt there are infinitely worse things that can happen in a life.

Still, it wasn't good. But, almost like it was meant to be, Nimitz came into our lives on the very day we revisted a place we hadn't been since the day Kitty died. And he does so many things she did that I find it amazing. Things that no other cat of mine has ever done. He's a special little guy, and whether he was sent or whether it's just all a cosmic coincidence, I don't care. He fills a hole that was left when Kitty went, a hole that Thumper couldn't fill. When Thumper goes, I imagine he will leave a void that can't be filled by Nimitz. And maybe, like with Nimitz, we'll find another cat who needs us just when we need him the most.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou. Happy New Year.

With aloha for reading this sometimes scatterbrained blog,