Hire someone. Yep, you heard me, hire someone. Someone good, with a reputation, like DreamForge Media or Waxcreative Design. I have no affiliation with either of these companies, but I admire the websites in their portfolios. Gorgeous work. One day, I'll pay someone to design a site for me. Until then, I do the best I can with the tools at my disposal.

Yep, you guessed it, been updating my website and griping the whole way. First, the stupid toolbar won't let me add a button and link it to a page outside my website. Even though the Help says I can do it, my dialogue box isn't the same as the one they show in the screenshot. That's what I get for using a free program.

I had fun putting it all together at first, and I still have fun tinkering, but I'm no web artist, that's for sure. One day, honest, I want a beautiful website and I want my blog on the same site. Beggars, however, can't be choosers. 🙂 Until I sell something, Mike is going to say no. Rightfully so since I get to stay home and write already.

Which brings me to my second point. Scrapbooking. Who the hell has time for this? When I go into a store, doesn't matter which (okay, maybe not the commissary), I see scrapbooking supplies. And I'm drawn to the suckers. Drawn to little stickers, cute cutouts of Santa Claus (just today), little packets of themed cutouts: military uniforms, tiny Eiffel towers, schoolbuses, wine bottles, etc. It just doesn't end! Pretty papers, special scissors, ribbons, wax, tools for making your own stickers, and on and on.

But where do you start? And how on God's green earth do you say enough is enough, this page looks good? Or, even better, I have turned into a mad-scrapbooking-woman and I need a 12 step program to stop myself?

I have thought of taking a class before. And then reality sets in and sanity returns. I can't find enough time now to do all the things I need to do, nor can I manage to throw out all the junk I need to throw out, so do I really need to commit myself to a project that will only add more stuff to my already bulging house?

I think that's the lure of making a website, really, at least for me. It's scrapbooking in cyberspace. No cute little accoutrements to buy, no finding space for the myriad ribbons and papers and scissors, not to mention the fat scrapbooks themselves. Nope, my scrapbooking is limited to the Net. And, as successful as I've been with it so far, I think God is telling me something. He's telling me to leave the website designing to the pros and the scrapbooking to the people who have more time and room than I do. God says write, girl. And isn't that enough? I'll build pretty pages with words. But dang it, can't I have one of those packets of adorable themed cutouts? I'm sure I'll find something to do with it someday….