It's my 2nd holiday season here. It's still weird. I enter a store in shorts and slippahs, and Deck the Halls is blasting over the speakers. It's incongruous. I ain't complainin' though. 🙂

Honolulu, HI:
Current Conditions 82°F
Mostly Sunny
Real Feel: 84F (29C)
Rel. Humidity: 54%
Wind: ENE at 12 mph (19 km/h)
Sunrise: 6:39 AM Sunset: 5:51 PM
Last Updated: 11/10/05 17:20:03 EST
Five-day Forecast
Today 83F(28C)71F(22C)
Fri. 83F(28C)70F(21C)
Sat. 83F(28C)68F(20C)
Sun. 85F(29C)72F(22C)
Mon. 85F(29C)72F(22C)