Here it is, the famous From Here to Eternity beach! That scene was pretty racy for 1953, but heck, I'd have rolled around in the surf with Burt Lancaster too. 🙂 Why they chose to film on that particular beach, I don't know. It's nearly impossible to get to. You have to hike down a steep trail–imagine doing that with film equipment, actors, etc. On the other hand, since they were supposed to be having an affair, this is definitely an isolated location. Her husband wasn't about to find them here, believe me. Ha!

Soon, the whales will return to Hawaii, and this is a good location to spot them from. They swim in the channel between Oahu and Molokai, among other places. You can see their breach for miles. The first time I ever saw a whale was right after I arrived and we took a whale watching cruise on the Star of Honolulu. They guaranteed we'd see whales and we did. It was only a mama and baby, but still a great sight. I have since seen them from the top of Diamondhead too. They looked pretty little from that distance.

For ono grinds, stop at this shrimp shack across from Turtle Bay resort on the Northeast corner of Oahu. The tables are grouped under pop-up awnings, and a lazy brindle dog named Blackie wags her tail as she saunters around looking for anyone who'll pet her. Mike and I stopped on impulse and shared a plate of garlic shrimp. The shrimp were swimming in butter, the garlic so sweet you'll eat it even without the shrimp. For $11, you get a plate of shrimp with rice and salad. They cooked them several different ways, but we opted for garlic. Wow, amazing stuff. After we polished off the shrimp, Mike bought a carved bone necklace from a man who had set up shop under one of the awnings. He was a nice guy, very talented. Then we got back in the Jeep and continued on our way. I'd forgotten that shrimp farming goes on near Turtle Bay until we passed the low pools of water, but that certainly explained the taste. The shrimp was sweet and fresh and melted in the mouth.

I haven't forgotten Nimitz! Here he is doing what kittens do best: getting into things. He's turning into a handful. He pings off the walls. He flies across the furniture. He bangs into things and doesn't even blink. He's adorable, but he's work. My other cat, Thumper, is old and quiet and not really happy about this turn of events. I think we'll all be glad when Nimmy gets a bit calmer. On the other hand, he sure is a hoot.

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