Mike thinks I have too many books. I don't think I have enough. This is only a sample of my messy shelves. In the same room, there are 5 more bookshelves. In another room, I have two more bookshelves. (I also have two boxes of books which have never been opened since the move. It's all fiction, some classic literature, maybe even duplicates.) Books are my favorite things. I'd rather have books than cable television any day. I am far happier reading, which is funny really because the reason I can no longer watch TV that often is I get restless sitting still for so long. I don't get restless when I sit and read a book, though. I'm not sure why that is.

What's on these shelves? The variety is like the library. Romance novels, classic literature, political commentary, how-to, some dummy books, computer books, biographies, poetry, haiku (!), letters, memoirs, etc. I've read a lot of it and a lot of it I have good intentions to read. 🙂 This doesn't stop me from buying new books, which is where Mike just sort of rolls his eyes and sighs.

But yesterday, instead of buying books, we bought DVDs instead. Mike came home early from work, had a nap (due in part to a 4AM video teleconference), and when he got up I suggested we get out of the house for a while. He wanted to go to Best Buy. So we hopped in the Jeep and headed downtown. Best Buy is new to Honolulu. The first day we went, it was a nightmare. Yesterday, it was practically empty.

We browsed, he made me look at projectors (his next TV), and headed for the DVDs. One of the movies we got was Get Shorty. I'd never seen the movie, though I recently read the book when a friend loaned it to me (a signed copy, no less!). I enjoyed Chili Palmer in the book, couldn't stop reading, and I enjoyed John Travolta's interpretation of him. Fun movie, though slightly different than the book.

I haven't gotten any writing done lately. Been too uptight, too focused on the thesis and other issues. I go through these phases where my novels seem unreal to me, like someone else wrote them and I haven't a clue where to pick up the thread. I think it's normal. One morning I'll wake up and be ready to go again. I hope it's soon.