I'm sitting with my critique group in Borders when this book catches my eye. The back cover says, “Stop daydreaming at your desk, ditch the nine to five, say ciao to the rat race–take life by the scruff of the neck and give it a shake!”

Nice thought, I'm thinking. Reading on: “Whether you want to pen a novel, gawp at migrating wildebeest, row the Atlantic or relax on a Goan beach, The Career Break Book is the guide for you!”

They tackle such thoughts as what to do with that pesky mortgage, finances, pets, pension, etc. How to ask the boss for time off (to go to Goa and soak up the sun? To watch wildebeest? To ride the Trans-Mongolian Railway? Uh….), how to take the children out of school for this, and what to do if you don't ever want to come back. The book is $22. Amazon is cheaper, but the cover is different. Don't know which is more recent. Also, not surprisingly, no reviews. If you do decide to run off to the tundra and watch polar bears, guess you won't be too concerned with posting a review on Amazon.com, eh?

It's a nice thought, but I wonder how often people actually chuck it all and run off to Goa. More likely, they buy the book and spend time dreaming about the possibilities. That's what I'd do. Guess that's why I write. I can imagine it all without ever giving up the comforts of home. Want to watch wildebeest? Send a character. Float a felucca down the Nile? Send a character.