Friday randomness

So I finally aggregated all my blogs to Google Reader. I like it, but it actually takes me more time to read than less, I think, because instead of needing to remember a link, it's there. *sigh*

Anyway, I was reading a post about how to blog. Yeah, I've been doing this for 4 years now and apparently still don't know how to do it. This dude says to blog list style. ‘Kay.

1. I like lists. It's easy to remember and more effective to get information in bites, I think.

2. Two weeks with iPhone. LOVE it.

3. The App Store really makes something cool into something super functional.

4. I have a Facebook app. MySpace. Twitter.

5. Shazam will help you figure out the name of a song simply from hearing a snippet.

6. Bejeweled 2 rocks. There's even a wormhole.

7. The Dinner Spinner is amazing. How did I live without this cool app? If I'm standing in the grocery store, I can pick a food item, whether I want a main, side, or appetizer, and how long I want to spend prepping. A list of recipes crops up. I can choose one and shop for the ingredients. How, I say again, did I live without this?

8. Let's not forget Stanza, the e-book reader. So far, I've read some Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, and a couple of Wodehouse short stories. And I have my free Harlequin downloads on there ready to go. You can even get War and Peace for heaven's sake! I simply cannot imagine reading W&P on my phone, though.

9. I also have a Bible app that will allow me to read any version I want. I choose KJV because I'm fussy that way. (Hel-loooo, language of Shakespeare. English major.)

10. Going to see Spamalot this weekend with friends. Richard Chamberlain is in it. I remember sighing over him as Father Ralph in The Thornbirds eons ago. Who knew he was gay back then, hmm?

11. I wanted to write a Thornbirds-like saga when I was young and impressionable and reading all about Father Ralph and Meggie.

12. I doubt I could even read the book again these days, though I read it two or three times in the 80s. Too long for my life now.

13. What happened to all those family sagas anyway? You never see them published anymore. Think it's because of all the quick things we have in our lives? Internet, television, cell phones, etc. Information happens fast and furious now. Thirty years ago, not so much.

14. That's enough randomness for one day.

What do you think? About sagas, lists, Spamalot, or iPhones? Or whatever?

Oooh, a book contract I didn’t know about!

Do you Google yourself? I do. I never know what I'll find. I have Google alerts, but they don't always work quite as thoroughly as a search will.

Imagine my surprise to find myself listed as a Simon and Schuster author! And I do mean ME, not the other Lynn Harrises out there. The page is cached, of course, because someone realized the mistake. But look at this link.

(My name was linked too, but that is long gone, sigh. Wish I knew what they'd attributed to me.)

Seriously, dear, dear Simon and Schuster, if you would like me to write a book or two (or three or four) for you, I'd be happy to entertain the idea! And then you could put the link back. Pretty please? 😉

If you Google yourself, what's the oddest or most surprising thing you've ever found?

New toys

funny pictures of cats with captions

The hubby and I couldn't wait two more weeks (the date our current mobile phone contract ends). We decided to go ahead and get our iPhones. This means we have new phone numbers, but we discussed it back and forth and agreed that it wasn't much of a hassle to let everyone know the new numbers. Plus our old numbers were from a town we don't live in — and some of the wrong calls were getting irritating (bill collectors, principals discussing naughty children, etc). Neither of us uses our cell phones exclusively, or talk a lot, so the handful of people we had to inform wasn't really a big deal.

And, oh wow, I can't believe I had to wait this long to get my iPhone. To say I love it would be a massive understatement. The App Store (on iTunes) is incredible. I'm such a geek I've downloaded my very own copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Want to know what the 13th amendment says? I can whip that baby out in no time and tell you. Both these apps are free. In fact, all the apps I've downloaded are free with the exception of one. I bought (for about $5) an expense application that will allow me to track expenses at the time they occur and take a picture of the receipt to store with it. This should help me organize the actual receipts and expenses at home. (Believe me, I need this kind of thing because I'm not too organized. I stuff the receipts in a box.)

But one of the coolest things I downloaded was an app called Stanza. It's an e-reader. Now, I'm not going to be reading books on my iPhone a lot — but when stuck in lines, or waiting rooms, or airports, it could come in handy. And Harlequin is currently giving away 16 e-books. They've also formatted them for Stanza. I clicked on the handy bookstore link in Stanza and it took me to a list of choices. I went to Harlequin and within moments had books on my phone. Too cool.

You can also download anything on Project Gutenberg. If you want to pay, you could read Twilight or countless other books on your phone. (I'm thinking I'm not going to pay for books that way. I'll save that for the other toy I covet: the Kindle, about which there should be a major announcement today by Jeff Bezos and crew).

The other app I love is Pandora. Streaming radio on my phone? Oh heck yes. I have NYT headlines, a movie app that lets me know what's currently showing in my area, the times, theaters, and trailers if I want to watch them. I have the Weather Channel; Facebook; Twitter. And yes, even the I Can Haz Cheezburger site, which is how I saw the cute reading kitty.

There are so many things I still need to learn, I'm sure, but I love this phone and all these cool things that go with it. I am such a geek. And it's all my husband's fault! I'd probably be clueless about techno gadgets if he hadn't started wrapping me in his evil web years ago. Now, I'm almost as bad as he is.

Would you read books on your phone if you could? Do you like gadgets? Want a Kindle? (And I still do love real books, btw. Just think it would be neat to have a way to store a lot more books than my shelves will hold.)


Well I'm pretty much just wore out. Tomorrow night is a birthday party for a friend and I am SO looking forward to getting out of my cave, putting on my new leopard print boots, and whooping it up with a bunch of the gals. I cannot WAIT.

I didn't realize, when I accepted the invitation, that I'd be in deadline mode. Oh I should've, considering how I practically had the date stamped on my forehead, but it just slipped my mind. And you know what, I'm glad I accepted, because I have about 5k maximum to wrap this book up — and over a week until it's due. I hope to finish it today, but who knows. Or maybe tomorrow morning. And then I'll be partying guilt free.

Until I have to reread and make revisions on Sunday, LOL. Yeah, I could take the whole weekend off and still safely get the book in on time. But did I mention I'm an overachiever? A perfectionist?

So, got any great weekend plans? (I think Hubby is doing a SuperBowl thing — but I am NOT involved in that. Going to Starbucks to write if necessary….)