Well I'm pretty much just wore out. Tomorrow night is a birthday party for a friend and I am SO looking forward to getting out of my cave, putting on my new leopard print boots, and whooping it up with a bunch of the gals. I cannot WAIT.

I didn't realize, when I accepted the invitation, that I'd be in deadline mode. Oh I should've, considering how I practically had the date stamped on my forehead, but it just slipped my mind. And you know what, I'm glad I accepted, because I have about 5k maximum to wrap this book up — and over a week until it's due. I hope to finish it today, but who knows. Or maybe tomorrow morning. And then I'll be partying guilt free.

Until I have to reread and make revisions on Sunday, LOL. Yeah, I could take the whole weekend off and still safely get the book in on time. But did I mention I'm an overachiever? A perfectionist?

So, got any great weekend plans? (I think Hubby is doing a SuperBowl thing — but I am NOT involved in that. Going to Starbucks to write if necessary….)